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and let me play among the stars

New Guardians Of Childhood

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Welcome - Please Bear With Us!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 10, 2016, 5:26 AM

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Did You Know? That 289 members : 303 watchers on NSanityIsland means, that for every 14 members we get 15 watchers! NOT BAD! :o Keep up the outstanding work guys! It's all thanks to you!



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Saturday, March 26th @ 5:00pm


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Gallery Folders

Happy Easter by MilieNugget
Jack Frost and His Fairy by GabyCoutino
Frosty by Mahogany-Fay
Hey. by Mahogany-Fay
Rise Of The Guardians
Jack Frost by Drayuu
Gazing at the Moon by LimboTheLost
Background test_North_RotG by AlexDasMaster
Night of Dreams by reikohattori
Happy Anniversary
ROTG 3rd Anniversary by HezuNeutral
Rotg Anniversary by Nagareboshi22
*Happy Anniversary* by tmntffnyp
Happy first anniversary! by ks-claw
Fan - Avatar, Gifs And Stamps
Jack Frost stamp by zodiacgal
Stamp - Jack's sister fan by JackFrostOverland
Can'T Control My Feelings by BunnyFromTheHell
Jack Frost, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHell
What Goes Better Together Than Cold and Dark? by Noxissa
Superchibi Sandy by SeangelSaph
ROTG - Cellphone charms by VanRah
ROTG fancomic - [Ashes Remain] vol 2 : preview by VanRah
Jack Overland Frost
Just Chilling by DolphyDolphiana
:: Jack Frost :: by VanRah
Jack Frost by semokan
Jack Frost by semokan
E.Aster Bunnymund
Easter Preparations by DolphyDolphiana
Bunnymund by semokan
True Colors - Bunnymund by White-king2332
Bunnymund by Scarfowl
Toothiana by katiediazz
Great Warrior by Hahli1994
Toothiana by TheQueenSerena
True Colors - Toothiana by White-king2332
Nicholas St. North
True Colors - North by White-king2332
Sandy! by VanillaDeonna
ROTG - True Colors - Sandy by White-king2332
Pitch Black
Pitch sketches by Dreamsoffools
RotG - Pitch by Teryster
Pitch: The Darkness by IrillTheDreamer
Pitch Black by spankingfemfatale
Children Of Burgess
Character Groups
rude:rude:rude:rude:rude by FoxDragonLover
Pitch and Tooth scene part 1 by CatWoman-cali-onyx
Pitch Black tripping North's Elves by spankingfemfatale
:: Rise of the Guardians : Two Sides :: by VanRah
Childhood Friendship
Its so fluffy Im gonna die by Kittykatpaws
Pretty Bunny by DolphyDolphiana
Nightly Trip by DolphyDolphiana
Fantastical stories by Mahogany-Fay
Guardian Friendship
Rise of the Guardians : Day Off + by VanRah
RotG - Group hug by RukaHimenoshi
Rise of the guardians, Jack hurt by Dragonauroralight
.Stardust by chocolafied

Mature Content

ROTBTD Protect by Ally-the-Fox-20
Asleep by cutubulla
A Crown for His Queen - Elsa and Jack Frost by SleepyHeadKL
FrostBite by cRoxoverGoddess
Fan - Characters With OCs
Sweet Sin and Sweet Tooth by FoxDragonLover
SilverSand by Hahli1994
ROTG (GOR) Trust Me by Ally-the-Fox-20
Sketchbooks dump 3 by Ally-the-Fox-20
Spoofs And Parodies
Super Bunny by trainheartnetXeclair
Pitch's work by Hallpen
Do you see me? by Ally-the-Fox-20
RotG: Switch by Nafreteri
Fan - Seasonal
Happy New Year by IrukaSanshoku
Wishes from far above by vesperaline
Christmas 2012 by Tenshiryuu
ROTG - Merry Christmas! by nou-e
Fan - 3D And Animation
Fan - Apps, Games etc
Fan - Arts And Crafts
Sandman figure by Zannab0801
Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy Box by FushichosGallery
Ballerina Tooth from the front by Akazukinchan
staff uwu by joannawentbananas
Fan - Comics
The Translation of 'Leave me alone' by HezuNeutral
The unseen spirit of winter by HezuNeutral
Even the Darkness 4 by Tenshiryuu
Even the Darkness 5 by Tenshiryuu
Fan - Cosplay
Tooth Fairy Cosplay by Leedwood
Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy at Hyper Japan by Leedwood
Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians by Cosplay-Kuro
Ready for Action! by TheSproutingArtist
Fan - Journal CSS and Gallery Skins
Sleepy Sandy Journal Skin! by ZombieOwl
Happy Bunnymund Skin by ZombieOwl
Peaceful Jack Frost Skin-REVISED by ZombieOwl
Rise of the Guardians Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan
Fan - Live Action Cast
Fan - Tutorials
Fan - Wallpaper
Jackunzel wallpaper by DivineSpiritual
Pairings - Bunnymund x Tooth
Pairings - Bunnymund x Jack
BunnyFrost by Sinattea
Jackrabbit Tumblr request 1 by gryphonslade
Pairings - Tooth x Jack
Rainbow Snowcone by Livori
Rainbow Snowcone sketches by Livori
Firsts - Tooth/Jack by maybelletea
RoTG - Our Wish by Nabilum
Pairings - Sandy x Pitch
Just the two of us, Now~ by FoxDragonLover
ticklish the Boogeyman by stellinanera
Cuddly hug by stellinanera
No hard feelings, right? by Obsequious-Minion
Pairings - Pitch x Jack
FA - ROTG - Sleep Tight 2 by Eiswolf-Zero
But He Wasn't Lonely by iheartsasunaru
JackxPitch by xBooxBooxBear
Starlight Sea by Tenshiryuu
Pairings - Jack x Crossover
Mercy (Hijack) by KT-ExReplica
Smooches (Hijack) by KT-ExReplica
Just Give it a Shot, Jack by DivineSpiritual
Flying in the Wind by DivineSpiritual
Pairings - Other, Randoms etc
Cavity by xRhiRhix
Threesomes - Bunnymund x Tooth x Jack
stalked by kotorikurama
Frostbite or Sweet Tooth? by KaiDarknight
Threesomes - Sandy x Pitch x Jack
Pull and Push by ILsama
Adult - 18 and over ONLY
Rise of the guardias - Sandy / Pitch by mikaeriksenweiseth

Mature Content

Quicksand... :ROTG: by Plixs-1
Sexy Pitch Black Contest Entry by stellinanera
Sweet Dream Of Love by stellinanera
Family - Bunnymund x Tooth x Jack
Too much sugar by Topsie-Krett
Rise of the Guardians by Athena-chan
Family - Bunnymund x Jack
Egg Painting by DolphyDolphiana
Noogie by DolphyDolphiana
Fluffy hugs by Kittykatpaws
Family - Tooth x Jack
Frostbite by DarthShizuka
Family - North x Jack
Thats a Funny Story by Kyuutan-megumi
Day 2 For Rise of the Guardian Anniversary by Ally-the-Fox-20
Family - Sandy x Pitch x Jack
He's mine by ILsama
Family - Sandy x Jack
Request: Jack and Sandy by ArtisticGrace
Family - Pitch x Jack
Then... by ILsama
Blackice by Yuuhiko
Learning More Every Day~ by FoxDragonLover
Snow time by stellinanera
Family - Other, Random
Pitch and his daughter by DarthShizuka
Official - Merchandise
Official - Screenshots


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